1324 Centerpoint Drive

For Sale or Lease, Unique 4000 sqft building for sale or lease in downtown Stevens Point. Status: For Sale or Lease

Upper and Lower building spaces, secure pin code/proxy card access, building WIFI/networking, building audio included. Dual Fiber connections.

All lighting and HVAC automated via Zwave and Zigbee.

Lighting all upgraded to LED only.

7 Offices ,1 kitchen on lower level
3 Offices, 10 work spaces 1 kitchen, 1 conference room on the upper level

Garage, New Roof, New windows, new flooring

For Sale or Lease, available anytime as Wildcard Corp/ Crowdspire / CastleCMS are moving across the street!

For Sale: $499,999

Lease: Depends on space/ use   $12-$16  sq/ft  year.